SGT is an ERC20 token on Ethereum’s Mainnet. We issued them to early adopters and community members. SGT was explained in the Encoding The Status Genesis Block blog post and the exchange of SGT to SNT was explained in the Dynamic Ceilings blog post.


How can I calculate the exchange rate for SGT to SNT?

Inspect the second token transfer from the finalize() transaction at the end of the Contribution Period. You’ll see that the Total SNT allocated for SGT exchanging is 471,505,389.187865805561407178.

Next, check out the Token Total Supply of the SGT token. Total SGT issued is 34,644,701.3. The portion of allocated SNT for each SGT token holder can be calculated as: 471505389.187865805561407178 ÷ 34644701.3 = 13.6097403497563 SNT per SGT.

You can also refer to our Status Contribution contract (starting line 324) for more details on the calculations.

How soon can I redeem my SGT for SNT?

You can exchange your SGT for SNT immediately after the Contribution Period finishes.

How much time do I have to convert SGT to SNT?

As seen in section 2.2 of our contract: “The Activation of SGT will be possible for a duration of 90 days after the instructions according to para 3 have been published. Status GmbH may extend this period at its sole discretion."

How do I redeem SGT for SNT?

For our SGT token holders, here are the basic instructions on how to redeem your SGT for SNT: Prepare a 0 ETH transaction to send to the Exchanger smart contract address:


You’ll need to use a Gas Limit of 200,000 and a Data value of 0xe5225381. The Data value will call collect() on the contract. You will need to have a small amount of ether in your wallet to cover the gas in this transaction. The easiest way to do that is to use MyEtherWallet. In the next section, you’ll learn how to send the transaction to the Exchanger from MyEtherWallet and then verify the transaction with Etherscan.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) instructions

Open your web browser and navigate to Select the Send Ether & Tokens tab. Import your wallet with SGT using any one of the methods available. Copy this Exchanger smart contract address:


Paste the address into the To Address field. In the Amount to Send field input 0, and make sure the dropdown on the right-side of the field has ETH selected.


That’s right! You will send a 0 ETH transaction. If you’ve never done this before, now’s the time to try. You will need to have a small amount of ether in your wallet to cover the gas in this transaction. You will see a popup bar warning in red along the bottom of the page. You can safely disregard the warning.

In the Gas Limit field, input 200,000. You can optionally control the Gas Price in the top bar, but it is okay to leave this as the default 25 Gwei.

Click the +Advanced: Add Data link. In the Data field, input 0xe5225381.

Now double check that you’ve entered the correct values for To Address, Amount to Send, Gas Limit, and Data.

Once you’re ready to pull the trigger, click Generate Transaction. MyEtherWallet will show you the web3 call. Click Send Transaction.

Once the transaction is pushed to the network, a success bar will pop over the bottom of the screen. Click Verify Transaction to see your transaction on Etherscan. A new tab will open in your browser.

On Etherscan, at first the transaction will show as Pending. Once the transaction finishes, you can verify the contract action in the To row. The row will show:

[Amount] StatusNetwork TOKEN TRANSFER From 0x20a7b20b9c213e6705c72a4216fdbc628a29d06c to [0x… Your address]

Now look immediately above the To row and locate the From row. Click the link in the From row for [0x… your address].

On the page new page that loads, you see all of the transactions for your address. Click on the Token Transfers tab. On this page, you can see the date when both of your token transfers took place: StatusGenesis and StatusNetwork.

Congratulations on exchanging your SGT for SNT. Thank you for being an early community supporter. We look forward to building the future of Ethereum along with you.